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Recent Work
small dishes & goblet
The images in these galleries are recent works and many are already sold. This will always be true so the galleries are to be seen as representative of the work I do. I cannot duplicate a piece but I can create something similar if a particular style appeals to you.

Gallery One       Gallery Two       Gallery Three
Wood Whimsy

These lines from a poem that Linda wrote capture the essence of my fascination with turning wood on a lathe. With sharp tools and a steady hand I can transform a nondescript lump of wood into a useful bowl or an appealing artifact.

Once in awhile I turn a piece I can't seem to finish. I'm done, but the piece isn't. Often such work gravitates to Linda's studio. She adds her vision to mine and a new entity emerges.

"A Day at the Beech"

beech / yellow cedar
yarn / beach glass
stones / copper tacks

Sometimes I use epoxy resin to fill cracks in the wood, or to accentuate them. I've also experimented with surface decoration such as painting and woodburning. If you can't hide it, flaunt it!

"Guitar Bowl" detail

walnut / epoxy resin / tagua nut

Wood Whimsy - Gallery One

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